About Us

About Us

Tanzanian local Tour Company which was founded by Hans Severin Matto,  who start his carrier as Kilimanjaro mountain guide and Safari tour guide in all east Africa destination with more experience on Tanzania and Kenya.

Our desire is to provide extraordinary service with reasonable prices according to a type of package chosen by customers.

Our mission is to share the majesty of Tanzania with the world, creating unforgettable travel experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

With many years of experience in the tourism industry, Kilimanjaro Touren truly understands the value of exceptional customer care. We personalize our services to ensure our clients have the most enjoyable experience as they discover the wonders of Africa with us.

Our Professional Skills

Mountain Climbing
Wildlife Safaris
Beach Holidays
Cultural Tours

Our Office Team

Hans Matto

Managing Director

Hans was a potter for three years, these helped him to finance his studies and then later he become a mountain and safari tour guide in different east Africa destinations, with all these experience he decide to be Tour consultant since 2011 with the aim of providing extra ordinary service for the mountain climbing and wildlife safaris, and then on 2014 he open this unique company,

Severin Matto

Transport Manager

Severin have more than 20 years of experience in Vehicle Maintenance and management, He is the one responsible with all the transport including maintaining all of our safari vehicles, He is the important part of the company and also the father of Hans and Maureen.

Maureene Matto

Reservation Manager

Maureene stat her Carrie as hotel reservation ffor four years before she step to the tour operation, she is one who will be much more in touch during you booking progress, she have been living in Arusha for her intire life thats what make her one of the best reservatinisst in busness, she knows how to ballance between the price of the budget and the package.

Our Mountain Tour Guides

Elly Minja

Mountain Guide

Elly climbed with famous singer Cheryl Ann, an English singer, dancer and television personality in year 2008.

David Rasta

Tour Guide

Achedo Kimei

Mountain Guide

Achedo was a potter for 7years before becoming mountain guide, He is very strong and very helpful when summiting Kilimanjaro,

Sabinus Ngowi

Tour Guide

Luka Minja

Tour Guide

If you climb with Luka you will learn all of Kilimanjaro Songs, Honestly he real like to sing.

Denis Matto

Mountain Guide

Honest Godfrey

Tour Guide

Honesty once climbed with a solo traveller who was 82 years old and they all reach the top of kilimanjaro.

Devis Yakini

Mountain Guide

Our Safari Tour Guides

Elia Sandi

Safari guide

With his 15years of wildlife experience. Cheetahs love him and he has had three of them on top of his vehicle.

Elius Matto

Safari Guide

He is a photographer as well, he has three videos of his own showing crocodile hunting wildebeest around river mara.

Tony Mato

Safari Guide

Tony has been traveling with all of our honeymooners customers, we all believe he knows what they want on their wildlife safaris.

Witson Nanaro

safari guide

He is the best experienced guide in serengeti, he never miss big five on his safaris since 2015up to date, his nickname is Simba

Davis Teete

Safari Guide

Gody Tanza

Safari Guide

He is the youngest guide in the company with only 4years of experience but he is Famous for his eyesight and finding remote spots off the beaten track, showing you the big five its a peace of cake for him.

Victor Sandi

Safari guide

He is a quit guy, doesn't talk to much unnecessarily, and He is a true specialist in bird life.

Beatus Fungomali

Safari Guide

He call himself the Giant buffalo, he was one of the ten nominees for the best Safari guides in year 2018/2019.

Eric Kona

Safari Guide

Eric is one of our professional guides, he was leaving in German for two years, he speaks German frequently.

Richard Ngowi

safari Guide

Passionate and Entertaining towards families! if you book with us with your family i will advise you to consider Richard,

Valence Minja

Safari Guide

he started his corrie as a town tour guide and then later he decide to studdy tour guide and now his one of our best guide

John Alivine

Safari Guide

They call him Lion whisper, his best experience is to see lion hunting wildebeest during the Serengeti greet migration

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